Top Five Saturday: Books over Five Years Old

Top Five Saturday is a meme hosted by Devouring Books to discover and share books that all have a common theme. The list of themes currently runs at 1/4/20 — Funny Books1/11/20 — Books Over 5 years old1/18/20 — Unreliable Narrators1/25/10 — Books by Favorite Authors My top five books that have celebrated their fifth birthday... goodness,… Continue reading Top Five Saturday: Books over Five Years Old

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 14!

Heading towards the half way point. Slowly. I'm aiming to finish by Christmas, possibly on Christmas Day which gives me 20 days in which to complete the final 16. Still a little bit of leeway! Anyway, today's challenge is A fairytale retelling. And there are a lot of these to choose from, even if we… Continue reading 30 Day Book Challenge: Day 14!

Tinder, Sally Gardner

This is the first of my reviews of this year's CILIP Carnegie Medal nominees. Well, my second. Patrick Ness' More Than This I read back in August - see here for my review - six months before the shortlist was announced. And to be honest, it will take some beating!Anyway, this is my first knowing CILIP Carnegie read. And… Continue reading Tinder, Sally Gardner

The Tiger’s Bride, Angela Carter

Continuing through The Bloody Chamber, we come upon The Tiger's Bride, a second re-imagining of the Beauty and The Beast fairytale. Here, we are even further away from the traditional or Disneyfied incarnations of the story and it strikes the reader as a much darker tale than The Courtship of Mr Lyon with which it… Continue reading The Tiger’s Bride, Angela Carter

The Courtship of Mr Lyon, Angela Carter

Beauty and the Beast has to be one of my favourite fairy tales! Ever! It's a deliciously evocative tale exploring the male and the female and, even in the Disney film version, Beauty is a strikingly self-assured and confidant woman. Carter's version is very pared down: there is very little detail of anything except for… Continue reading The Courtship of Mr Lyon, Angela Carter

The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter

Angela Carter is just bloody brilliant! I mean bloody brilliant! Being just a man, lacking in x-chromosomes, I'm sure I'm missing much of her political feminist subtlety but as a writer she blows me away! The balance she holds between the real, the fantastical and the macabre is fantastic. Take this first eponymous tale in… Continue reading The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter