Top Ten Tuesday: Online Resources for Book Lovers

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

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What resources do you need in order to be a great joyful reader? At the end of the day, nothing more really than the book itself, if I’m honest. But a few things do enhance the experience: a cup of coffee, black; a pot of tea, green; a biscuit or two; a comfortable sofa, a crackling fire; a cat possibly. And there are a few resources online that I rely on.

Tracking My Reading


I suspect we are all going to have cited Goodreads aren’t we?

I don’t use it as well as I should, if I’m honest but, when I remember, I try to update and share what I am reading and my reviews… for some reason my kindle is not linking to it properly…

I’m never quite sure how much weight to give to reviews on here. People who like books like this one liked this one very often! If I am honest, I put more weight on the negative reviews.

Book Blogger Tracking Spreadsheet

I do love a spreadsheet!

I use them at work. I use them at home for reading. And this one – which I have adapted a little – comes courtesy of Kal @ Reader Voracious which I found at the start of this year.

Sourcing New Books

I am going to avoid the certain obvious well known – and slightly controversial – book seller here. I mean we all know about that one surely! But I will mention the following

Project Gutenberg


Free books. Instantly accessible and downloadable.

60,000+ books – public domain, non copyright books, to be sure, but free books!

It’s not the prettiest website in the world, if I am honest, but, heck, let’s repeat 60,000+ free books! Who needs pretty?!

What Should I Read Next

Put in the name of a book you loved; get recommendations.

What’s not to love?


Again, free books! Woot!

Free books in advance of publication? Oh yes!

It took me a while to build my social media profile sufficiently to reliably – I think now almost entirely – successfully request books here from the publisher, but now I can source a great range of Advance Review Copies here!


BBC Radio 4: A Good Read

Celebs and authors discuss their favourite books, hosted by Harriett Gilbert.

3 book recommendations per episode – and its always interesting when someone picks a book you have read before and have opinions on! Recent guests include Mona Arshi and Malaika Kegode, Adam Rutherford and Farrah Jarral, Neil Brand and Tiff Stevenson.

BBC Radio 4: Bookclub

Led by James Naughtie, a group of readers talk to acclaimed authors about their best-known novels

Great conversation and discussion, although I find the choice of the monthly book can – like any book club, I suppose, be a little hit-and-miss.

Recent episodes include Anthony Doerr, Lissa Evans and Tahmima Anam.

Natalie Haynes Stands Up For The Classics

A brilliant writer and broadcaster with a genuine passion – and geeky joy in – the classics, with the humour and delivery of a stand-up comic.

This is an absolute joy, exploring historical – and in more recent series mythological – characters.

Novel Pairings

Classic Books, Modern Readers

83 episodes exploring classic literature with a modern approach – Frankenstein, Middlemarch and The Fall of the House of Usher are the most recent episodes.

The Lovecraft Investigations

Loosely – very loosely – based on H P Lovecraft’s writings, these three series of podcasts reimagine the stories in the contemporary world, present in a mockumentary podcast format.

It worked! Genuinely creepy in places and good fun, with decent voice acting.


TV Tropes

I’ve mentioned this site before and I can spend hours disappearing into the rabbithole of! Becasuse it is not just TV but literary tropes too.


Instagram for book lovers!

I am totally in awe of how beautiful some people can make their posts look, and rather intimidated by the sheer artistry and time and effort that some people can bring to this.

My half hearted efforts can be found there under thebookloverssanctuary.


Again, this is of course an obvious resource, but over the years I have found a genuine and close and genuinely supportive community of readers and friends here.

The Top Ten Tuesday Gang!

Hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl, this community of readers and of friends are lovely and welcoming and supportive – one of the best online resources for us all!

And of course, all of your wonderful, glorious, thoughtful and beautiful blogs!

And now I am going to head over to your blogs and no doubt explore a whole range of new resources and communities and podcasts and sites… wonderful!

Upcoming Top Ten Tuesday Themes

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  • November 16: Books to Read If You Love/Loved X (X can be a genre, specific book, author, movie/TV show, etc.)
  • November 23: Characters I’d Love An Update On (Where are they now that the book is over?)
  • November 30: Bookish Memories (Share stories of your reading life as a child, events you’ve gone to, books that made an impression on you, noteworthy experiences with books, authors you’ve met, etc. Reminisce with me!)

16 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Online Resources for Book Lovers”

  1. What a great list, Michael. Absolutely wonderful. I will go and look at all of those that are not on my list, yet (although we do share a few).

    And you are right, of course, we don’t need more than the book, a comfy seat and a cup of coffee (even the two last ones are optional) but for blogging, having those tools available is a great help.

    Thanks for visiting my TTT earlier.


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