Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Audiobook Narrators

I do love a good audiobook! Half an hour commuting to work each way five days a week; half an hour running three times a week; one or two longer runs at the weekend; whilst cooking, along in the kitchen... I will often be found listening to an audiobook. Quite often, more of my reading is audiobook than traditional print or e-book... Anyway, let's turn to my favourite narrators. There are some who inhabit the characters and narratives so well that, even when I return to the print version, I am still hearing it in their voice inside my head!

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 19!

Taking advantage of a rare quiet moment, let's throw another entry into the 30 Day Book Challenge, namely today An audiobook you like because of the narrator's voice. Now, before selecting a book, I'm going to relate a terrifying incident from my student days. My early student days. Imagine, if you will, a young and… Continue reading 30 Day Book Challenge: Day 19!