Anno Dracula, Kim Newman

I have a confession. I love Dracula. Both the character and Stoker's novel. And I love vampires. Not the sparkly, fairy, effete version populating Meyer's asinine attempts at fiction ("Dear Dracula, do you remember that one night seventeen years ago? Well, we need to talk. Sincerely, Tinkerbell") but full blown raging bloodlust sensual sexual visceral… Continue reading Anno Dracula, Kim Newman

Everybody Jam, Ali Lewis

So now I've finished, did this novel improve? Unfortunately no! It is entirely the fault of the narrator I think and just shows how hugely important the narrative voice is in a first person narrative. Here it is the voice of a thirteen year old boy and he just annoyed the hell out of me… Continue reading Everybody Jam, Ali Lewis

Small Change For Stuart, Lissa Evans

A lovely and somehow old-fashioned adventure tale. Somehow reminiscent of Enid Blyton... As well as the plethora of games you can get now where you investigate various settings, find clues, use them to unlock new rooms... This is a Carnegie 2012 shortlisted tale and very much aimed at the lower end of the age bracket:… Continue reading Small Change For Stuart, Lissa Evans

My Name Is Mina, David Almond

Just finished My Name Is Mina. Good book, interesting but I don't think it's a winner. It tells the story of Mina from Skellig, essentially recording her thoughts in a journal over the winter / spring before she met Michael. I have a memory of her being quite mysterious and enigmatically in Skellig and was… Continue reading My Name Is Mina, David Almond

The Blasphemer, Nigel Farndale

16.2.2012 Just about to start this: good reviews on Goodreads and an interesting cover... All bodes well! 18.2.2012 Finding the dialogue in this book the most irksome thing. The characters seem likeable enough, the war scenes are impressively described, some of the narrative is genuinely witty and has been read out loud to my wife.… Continue reading The Blasphemer, Nigel Farndale