The Shadows In The Street, Susan Hill

Okay. Please put Lafferton and Bevham in the list of places I don't want to visit because of their high body count. Midsomer, Stockholm, Lafferton.  Poor Lafferton. I think this, the fifth book in Susan Hill's Simon Serrailer series, has the third serial killer in the Cathedral city since the first book. I don't think… Continue reading The Shadows In The Street, Susan Hill

The World of Poo, Terry Pratchett

This tale has its origins in the novel Snuff: it is the bedtime story that Sam Vimes' son requires every night. It is utterly silly, amusing and delightful. How charming can a book about poo be? This is the most charming book about poo I have ever read! Does it have a plot? Of course:… Continue reading The World of Poo, Terry Pratchett