The World of Poo, Terry Pratchett

This tale has its origins in the novel Snuff: it is the bedtime story that Sam Vimes’ son requires every night.

It is utterly silly, amusing and delightful. How charming can a book about poo be? This is the most charming book about poo I have ever read!

Does it have a plot? Of course: Young Geoffrey is dispatched to Ankh-Morpork by his parents to reside with his grand-mama. He is not terribly keen on the idea until a bird poos on his head and he is told that it means good luck. With impeccable logic, he concludes that, if bird poo is lucky, how much more lucky and interesting might the poo to more exotic creatures be? With the collusion of his grand-mama, who seems for more practical than Geoffrey thought, he starts a poo museum.

Well why not?

We know that Harry King, who has a cameo here, found his fortune in waste!

This is a tiny gem of a book, gorgeously illustrated by Peter Dennis in a wonderfully charming style. Laugh out loud? Probably not. Wry smile? Sure. Earth shattering observations on life? Maybe not.

A beautiful looking book, hence leaving the picture to the end!

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