Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Words

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

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Oooo this is a delicious topic this week!

Because I adore words. I love them all in so many ways! I love the sounds of words that flow over the tongue; I love those obscure words with incredibly precise meanings that don’t quite slip into the category of jargon; I love words with fantastic and bizarre etymologies. I love long tongue twister words where syllables trip over each other; I love short, simple, honest, blunt words.

Remember, I said this was a delicious topic? I never said it would be easy to make this a manageable list!

Words that sound gorgeous


This word describes all of the words in this list: they are all musical, delightful to the ear – their sounds are like the sweetness of the honey whose gentle flowing gives us this word.


The swooping flocks of starlings – a particular favourite as it is a word my daughter has picked up and applies widely to any group of birds. And she is autistic and was almost non-verbal when she began school.


A gorgeous and onomatopoeic word that describes the low hum of noise in a busy room, too low to make out words… from the Latin susurrus meaning whisper.


For this one, the way the word rolls around your mouth and tongue is a delight. And its meaning? Talkative, and chatty.

Interesting Etymologies

Oh boy, I love etymologies and I exhort any other word nerds out there to cast an eye over Mark Forsyth’s The Etmologicon – a great, readable meandering tour of weird word connections!


The little and sign & is the ampersand. And once it was considered an addendum to the alphabet and schoolchildren around the country were expected to recite “a, b, c, d… and, per se, and” and that final phrase, “and, per se, and” elided itself over time to “ampersand”.


Chaos, confusion and catastrophes, pandemonium could have been used to describe various birthday parties I have endured with young children, and perhaps my daughter’s bedroom! But the etymology here is clear: Milton coined the word in Paradise Lost for the palace created in Hell by Satan to house all the demons.


This is one of those words where people wonder where the antonym is: is that man is disgruntled, where are the gruntled people?

What I like about this is the baldness of the root word, grunt – so animalistic and brutal – and the two ways is affixes work: the ~le indicating repetition (in the same way is does with “sparkle”, a repeated set of sparks); and the dis~ intensifying the negative connotations of the grunting.

Weird Semantics


These are words which can be used as their own antonyms or opposites, depending on the sentence.


A child may cleave to her father’s side (clinging to it tightly) whilst the boat he steers cleaves through (separates) the waves.


When a child makes a poor choice about which the parents around them disapprove, they can expect to be sanctioned (given a punitive consequence); at the same time, official bodies will sanction (approve) actions.

Words that change class depending on stress

This is a beautiful and subtle feature of the English language and these are just a couple of examples.


A judge might convict (verb) the defendant at the end of the trial, which will make that person a convict (noun).


We might choose to ally (verb) ourselves with a certain person or country in times of need, when we need an ally (noun) to defend us.

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  1. This prompt was made just for you! So well done. I agree murmuration is a great word. And I especially like your reasoning for loving it. ❤


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