2021 My Reading Year Ahead

I thought I’d try something different this year: I’d dedicate a Google Calendar to my reading year with dates of books prize announcements and future releases as well as ARC publication dates and various useful date-related data.

I also thought I’d try to add a little bit of live data from a spreadsheet I am compiling. I have used a bookish spreadsheet each year for the last three years, I think and currently am using the excellent template helpfully offered by Kal @ Reader Voracious Blog – I love how generous the reading community is!

The spreadsheet records more data than I am going to show here, but some of the key data I like to follow includes:

Number of Books Read by Month

Books by Genre

Books by Author Nationality

Books by Diversity and Representation

Books by Prize Nomination

Books by Star Ratings

If – and this is a big if! – I have understood both Google Sheets and WordPress, the calendar and these charts should update as I add details to the spreadsheet. By pinning this to the top of my blog, it may be an incentive to me to keep my spreadsheet more up to date than perhaps I did last year!

7 thoughts on “2021 My Reading Year Ahead”

      1. I try to be less obsessive, hence only minimal tracking without graphs. Otherwise I‘ll end up spending more time with that than reading. I shared the link with a reading buddy though, who is already working with graphs… 😊

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      2. Haha! I know that feeling! Update bujo, update spreadsheet, update blog… too tired to read! Once its set up though the graphs pretty much make themselves and the hard work of making the core was not mine! So kudos there – and credit!

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