Weekly Round Up: 26th June 2018

As we continue to slog through exam marking, the time available for reading has alas dropped and the wakefulness and attention span when the time arrives is also limited!

I am continuing to listen to Jessie Burton’s The Muse on the journeys into and out of work and enjoying the characters of Odelle and Olive. It isn’t sparkling like The Miniaturist did for me, I have to say and I’m starting to find it – dare I say – dragging?


I’ve also picked up Susan Hill’s A Question of Identity, the seventh in the Simon Serrailler series and also the first one that I bought. Dropping into Lafferton as, once again, a serial killer runs amok, as once more Serrailler is a bit of a shit to women. Familiar again!


I’ve also dipped into and started reading Kamila Shamsie’s Home Fire but feel I need more time and more energy to commit to that one at the moment.

home fire

I have, however, managed a good haul of books for the summer – although I am sure I’ll add to it and the mountain of my TBR list before the summer! –  so I shall just leave the following here….

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