Maggot Moon, Sally Gardner

When we got the books for the Carnegie Shadowing in school, there was a lot of excitement that this was a book about a dyslexic, in the voice of a dyslexic, written by a dyslexic. Obviously, in an educational environment, it was ... enticing. And, whilst that is all true, that is only minor part… Continue reading Maggot Moon, Sally Gardner

Between Shades Of Gray, Ruta Sepetys

This is a very powerful book: all the more powerful and painful as it is based on historical fact and first-hand accounts. Lina is a fifteen year old Lithuanian school girl, a talented artist, a member of a loving family. In 1941, caught between Hitler's fascism to the west and Stalin's communism to the East,… Continue reading Between Shades Of Gray, Ruta Sepetys