30 Day Book Challenge: Day 15!

I really should have limited myself to just naming a book and moving on! One name, one image; job done! Instead, no, I decide I'm going to chat and talk about them! I do find it hard not to chat about books. That's the problem! So now, if I do one a day every day, I'll finish… Continue reading 30 Day Book Challenge: Day 15!

The Boy On The Bridge, M. R. Carey

There are times when comfort, familiarity and ease are, actually, exactly what you need; at other times, by all means, challenge me, make me confront my preconceptions, subvert my genres in different ways. When I'm tired, poorly and stressed, however, enfold me in familiar settings, tropes and - hell, yes - even the comfort of… Continue reading The Boy On The Bridge, M. R. Carey