CILIP Carnegie Medal 2017

It being March, the CILIP Carnegie Medal Shortlist has been announced and I'm embarking on the ritual of trying to read them. This year, the list is:

Here Lies Arthur, Philip Reeve

For some reason, I cannot read this title without intuitively reading it in Latin hic iacit Arcturus. I attended a literacy conference this week where Philip Reeve was - for wont of a better phrase - the keynote speaker and I was lent this book as an introduction to his work as - to my… Continue reading Here Lies Arthur, Philip Reeve

The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

Do a book club, they said! It'll be fun, they said! We'll call it Addiction to Fiction, they said! Okay, fair enough that's cool! It won't take much time, they said. Oh. Right. Of course not. So now, at 3:15 every Thursday a group of book hungry students descends on me. Seriously, it's fabulous: a… Continue reading The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins