Top Five Saturday: Books On My Wishlist

PREVIOUS TOP FIVE SATURDAY LISTS: 8th August 2020: Underrated Books and Hidden Gems22nd August 2020: Young Adult Books29th August 2020: Detective Fiction12th September 2020: Science Fiction19th September 2020: Award Winners26th September 2020: Guilty Pleasure Reads Oh my goodness, life has become so busy and time pressured since work began again... barely a moment to keep… Continue reading Top Five Saturday: Books On My Wishlist

30 Day Book Challenge: Day 13!

Day 13, unlucky for some perhaps,  brings with it a terribly arbitrary category: A book with a colour in the title. And, yes, I am anglicising the spelling of colour. And in my head, I am thinking "correcting" when I wrote "angliscising"! Okay, well let's generate a list and celebrate the joys of modern technology:… Continue reading 30 Day Book Challenge: Day 13!

On the waiting list

I am conscious that I haven't managed to post on here for a while... Primarily because I've not managed to finish a book for a while. Now, there are a number of possible reasons for this... 1. I am just very very lazy... 2. I have been doing a lot of work for, well, work...… Continue reading On the waiting list