2022 TBR Reading List

In the interests of #beatthebacklist, I turned my mind to actually trying to sort out some of the mountainous TBR List, and add them to my Reading Log.

After counting over 40, I have to confess I have given up. There are more! Oh so many more! And thanks to Top Ten Tuesdays, there will always be more added time after time!

I tried to rank the list in terms of priority – high, middle, low – I found I had more “high priority” reads than felt reasonable, but none of which I wanted to downgrade. So I added an unduly dramatic priority of “urgent”. Oh dear.

The link to the page is here, just in case that is a more reliable way for you to access it.

The theory is that this can remain a live document and change and be added to through the year.

4 thoughts on “2022 TBR Reading List”

  1. I’ve not seen an embedded file like that before! Best of luck with your TBR goals. I’ve imposed a no-buy ban until progress on my pile is made. So far I’m down about ten books, so it’s working. 🙂

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