Weekly Round Up: 19th June 2018

Oh dear.

Weekly Round Up. Weekly Round Up. After only two weekly round ups on the blog, I missed one already!

*le sigh!

Still, my blog, my rules… I’m not fretting about it!

My reading over the last couple of weeks has primarily been focused on the unseen original genius manuscripts of teenagers, produced in a paltry 45 minutes. Yes, it is exam marking season again!

So, yeah, forgive me? Or not. Your choice.

Because of work, I dipped back into my comfort reading of choice and picked up the fifth and final installment of Marie Brennan’s Natural History of Dragons series, Within the Sanctuary of Wings.


It’s great: a literary equivalent of a duvet day, with a warm cup of tea and chocolate cake! There are dragons! What’s not to like? Maybe a bit slow in places but unchallenging and familiar and comforting. Book candy floss!

I also did find time to finish See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt. It is perhaps the direct opposite of Within the Sanctuary of Wings: very challenging, deeply unsettling and disturbing. One of the view books that lets you – forces you – to get inside a character at a visceral level.


And, on the subject of prizes, congratulations to Kamila Shamsie for winning the Women’s Prize for Fiction with Home Fire, the book I’ve just begun reading, and to Geraldine McCaughrean for winning the Carnegie Medal with Where the World Ends, alas one of the Carnegie medal shortlisted books I didn’t find time to read but will over the summer.

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