Weekly Round Up 4th June

So, half term is over and we’re all back at work.

As predicted, I didn’t find enough time to complete a book since the last round up so I’m still reading Sarah Schmidt’s See What I have Done and am warming to it much more. She has a gorgeous way of creating voice in her four point of view characters and a terrifyingly vivid picture of an awful claustrophobic house. I’m starting to warm to Benjamin as a character: even though he is a psychopath, he is at least an outsider’s point of view.

As the murders are immortalised in a childhood rhyme, here’s a link to a You Tube slightly creepy clip.


My progress is also delayed a little by a return to Scirland and its surrounding warring kingdoms in Within The Sanctuary of Wings by Marie Brennan. The narrative voice of Lady Trent in Brennan’s lovingly crafted world is as compelling as ever: high fantasy but grounded in a scientific and naturalistic approach and a world which feels familiar enough. With dragons. I’ve only just picked the book up but we have reports of the remains of a previously unknown dragon discovered in the frozen heights of a mountain range. And the covers of all her books are gorgeous!


Finally, I have started to introduce my daughter to chapter books this week. Is (nearly) five years old too young for Goosebumps? Her choice from the library was The Phantom of the Auditorium – think Phantom of the Opera in High School – and we’re spending the pre-bed routine curled on the sofa reading scary books with lots of strange sound effects and melodramatic acting! Sounds good to me!


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