Review Policy

First and foremost, all views expressed in this blog are mine and entirely personal. This blog is born from my love of books and of reading, my desire to reach out to and find others passionate about reading. I am not affiliated with any publisher, publishing house, nor any other body limiting my own opinions.

Most of my reading is acquired in the usual way: high street bookshops, independent book shops, the library and Amazon.

I am happy to receive ARCs and requests to review books – which I may or may not accept at my discretion – and any review of a book received in such a way would be made explicit in the body of the review, tags and categories.

  • Genre: I read widely and in any range of genres. I do particularly enjoy crime, fantasy, historical and literary fiction.
  • Format: I read paperback and hardback physical books; I also read e-books and my preferred format is either epub or mobi; I also listen to audio books.
  • Timescale: Please note that I give no assurance, nor any commitment that I will review any book submitted, nor that it would be reviewed in any specific timescale. I tend generally to review books as and when I finish them because of, well, life!

Authors who might like to ask for a book review are welcome to contact me or to e-mail me or to follow me on Twitter @CattiganMichael.

I do not accept payments for reviews and would give an honest and personal opinion. I cannot commit to giving any book a positive review, although I would write a professional one: as a teacher, I hope that any negative comment would be constructive.

I am listed on The Indie Book Reviewer.